Director of Human Resources


Responsible for administration and implementation of activities related to human resources functions of BHR.


RESPONSIBLE TO:  Chief Executive Officer


  • Bachelor's degree and at least two years of personnel management experience.
  • Current knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations related to employment practices.
  • Ability to interpret and apply policies to a variety of situations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.



  • Develops and implements procedures for recruitment of new agency employees using agency non-discrimination and affirmative action guidelines.
  • Meets with managers to discuss staffing needs; develop job descriptions; establish salaries
  • Provides general orientation to all new employees and ensures compliance with government required record keeping.
  • Conducts and participates in research, surveys and evaluation as related to salary and benefits administration.  Makes recommendations for adjustments and changes.
  • Conducts job analyses and evaluations of jobs.  Prepares job descriptions and job specifications.
  • Develops procedures and reports related to staff activities (productivity reports, performance reviews, leave time, disciplinary action).
  • Conducts investigations into complaints of discrimination and/or harassment.
  • Maintains personnel files on agency employees to assure agency compliance with state and federal employment standards.
  • Participates on agency Safety Committee, Benefits Committee and Staff Development & Training Committee.
  • Acts in liaison capacity to union; meets with union representative on matters of contract interpretation and administration.
  • Monitors labor contract provisions; represents agency in collective bargaining negotiations and implementation of grievance procedures.
  • Advises agency staff on appropriate procedures for implementing personnel actions, such as hire, transfer, performance review, disciplinary action and termination.
  • Drafts policy language as necessary for approval by Board of Directors to assure agency compliance with federal and state employment laws.
  • Participates in annual review of personnel policies with Board of Director; oversees implementation of personnel policies adopted by the Board; develops procedures to comply with agency personnel policies.
  • Attends Board of Directors and appropriate committee meetings; attends other agency meetings as required.
  • Represents BHR at appropriate interagency/community meetings.
  • Participates in planning process related to agency goals and objectives and budgeting.
  • Other duties as required.